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You know your challenges. We are here to help you Stay Focused to perform.

We are building a world of focus around our brand. It is not just a beverage, it is a lifestyle. When you focus, you perform better. Thats why you should drink Foci. It helps you stay focused to get the job done. Here we have gathered some links to useful information about focus. 

How others Stay Focused

TED Talks Christina Bengtsson,
World Champion Precision Shooter
How I stay focused - 10 tips for focusing |

33 tips to Stay focused!

5 tips on how to stay focused: Click on the link below.

10 Tips to Stay Focused: Click on the link below.

18 Tips to Help You Stay Focused: Click on the link below

Scientists all over the world are researching the fenomena. It is all happening inside our brain and boils down to two forces. One who wants you to concentrate on a singel thing and the counter force who wants you to think about everyting else but that one thing.

It is a myth that we only use a small part of our brain or that our brain stops developing new brain cells once we become adults. It is the plasticity in the brain that decreases the older we get.

This means it will become increasingly harder to learn new things the older we get. Harder, but not impossible. You just have to practice more, since repetition is the way your brain learns. It doesn´t matter if you are trying to learn a new language, study for an exam or practice your favourite sport. It is all about new combinations of memories and control of muscles in your body in a synchronised order to create perfection regardless if you are practicing to pronounce that word without an accent or strike that perfect tennis serve or stand on your hands.

If you can put aside everything that distracts you, concentration will come, focus will come and performance will be the result. 

Have a can of Foci before you start and you will Stay Focused

What is Focus

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